About Origins

The Origins Philosophy

The sacred bond between mother and child is of paramount importance to Origins. We seek acknowledgement of the need for healing the emotional damage caused by adoption practices and work toward ensuring that needless separation no longer occurs.

Aims and Objectives of Origins

SUPPORT: To provide confidential support and resources to those separated from their natural families by adoption in safe and secure environments.

HEALING: To promote the process of healing the emotional damage caused by adoption separation and secrecy.

REUNION: To assist in reunion of family members separated by adoption.

AWARENESS: To promote community awareness and understanding of the lifelong consequences of family separation and secrecy.

RESEARCH: To encourage and promote research into adoption practices, consequences, and social issues associated with separation.

REDRESS: To seek acknowledgement, validation, accountability and redress for unethical adoption practices.

REFORM: To encourage and promote legislative, social, and administrative reforms in adoption that honor and respect the mother-child bond , support the preservation of natural families, and that meet needs of those already separated by adoption.

NOTE: On our site we make every effort to use only respectful terms and language. We refrain from using terms to refer to mothers, fathers, sons and daughters with prefixes of bio- and birth-.